We are excited to introduce TAUT Space. The inaugural exhibition M RK T  SQ featured the work of  photographer Nils Koenning.

To tell a story is to preserve the memory of its subject. Memorialising a moment of transition, this photographic narrative serves as a reminder that architectural constructions are not static entities, but vital facilitators of human activity and culture. An unusual process of deliberate, delicate dismantling preserved the dignity of this building’s life and purposes, bestowed upon it intentionally by the architect and naturally by its users.

Nils Koenning presents a visual homily to this state of being. His humane, almost scientific documentation partly reveals the building’s elemental schema, suggestive of its conception and laying bare its heritage. Shrouded in black, a skeletal monolith stands as a transitory tombstone in the shadow of its neighbours whose vitality endures.

Market Square is an illuminating conflation of Koenning’s approaches to photography. As an architectural photographer, Koenning takes a reserved stance, letting moments fall into place when documenting buildings in their dynamic environments. Street activity, nearby buildings and distinct characters who chance into the scene inform the spirit of the photograph, just as the building, in turn, contributes to the atmosphere of its everyday surrounds.

In other practice areas, Koenning focuses his lens more tightly, literally and figuratively, to set up intimate relationships with his subjects and explore themes of identity, memory and belonging. Here, he approaches the building front on and up close with a concentrated, personal attention that emanates a strange juxtaposition of enormous vulnerability. Provoking an emotive consideration of architecture as an enabler of fluid relationships between people and place, Koenning pays final respect to the building’s heritage and the artistic intentions of its makers.

Nils Koenning

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